Gabion walls in Sotrami
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Extension and repair of contention walls at Sotrami

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Gabion walls damaged

Heavy rains in March 2019 have partly damaged newly built walls in the Sotrami S.A., which were constructed in 2019 in order to protect the Santa Rosa ravine, in Peru.  Even though the wall was damaged, its resistance still illustrated the utility of such protective construction, which result very efficient to protect the whole tailing pool area from powerful huaycos, seasonal floods.

The SBGA has contributed to repair and extend the construction, investing USD 124,464, meaning half of the total cost which amounted to USD 248,928.

Why Gabion walls are needed and how do they insure a good environmental management of a mine?

  • They maintain the physical stability of the area and protect installations from possible landslides, both on site and downstream;
  • They provide stability against erosion and floodwater (huaycos), which can displace tailings and sediments;
  • They ensure additional stability of the tailing pond  by significantly decreasing the possibility of collapses and potential impact on the environment
  • They provide greater assurance to Sotrami processing plant and nearby communities that all installations meet the highest quality standards & ensure optimum management and protection.     

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Working on the walls
Gabion walls in Sotrami