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An international supply chain to support formalization of Peruvian artisanal gold miners

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Switzerland, Peru, (June 10th 2020) – Announcement of a fully traceable and responsible international supply chain from the Arequipa region in Peru to the Swiss market, the result of an innovative partnership between Minera Yanaquihua S.A.C., Swiss Better Gold Association, its implementing partner, the Better Gold Initiative for Artisanal and Small-scale Mining and Metalor Technologies SA. to support the formalization of artisanal gold producers.

The Peruvian government has been moving towards formalization of the artisanal and small-scale gold mining sector since 2002. The objective of this effort is to improve the working conditions of artisanal miners by bringing them into the legal economy. The process entails various stages such as securing safety and environmental compliance, ensuring proper disposal of tailings, reduction of process water consumption, promotion of formal employment, elimination of child labour, reduction of mineral loss and increasing the value of ASM extracted minerals. However, implementing this process often remains a challenge on the ground.

Arequipa Peru, sustainable gold chain
Arequipa Peru, sustainable gold chain
Arequipa Peru, sustainable gold chain